Write apps for android tutorial pdf

Native libraries can be called from Java code running under the Android Runtime using System.

Write apps for android tutorial pdf

Until not long ago, there were not many alternatives for memory units for a computer, and for this reason, it is so necessary to analyze the possibilities that are currently presented to us.

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Now we are faced with many combinations and storage options: What type of storage suits you best? We will solve these doubts explaining the differences between the two and we will guide you to help you choose between them. A hard disk is a metal plate that uses a magnetic recording system to store all kinds of files, from a Word document to a multi-million dollar project on new virtual reality glasses.

By writing to several rotating discs the information is recorded and the thinner the discs, the better the recording will be.

For this reason, disks of the same size can have different storage capacities. These units have been evolving since their creation innormally doubling their capacity every year and a half. The units that normally use HDD or hard drives are desktop or desktop computers, laptops, and business servers.

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While a solid-state drive or SSD works the same as a hard drive with a difference, the files are stored in flash chips interconnected with each other. One of the characteristics of these chips is that they are able to retain the data even when there is no energy running through the system.

Laptops, tablets, and smartphones are the devices that are most used, by default, SSD. We must not forget that some devices such as photo cameras also use this type of storage to give a longer response time and store more images in external storage systems such as SD cards. Advantages and disadvantages of HDD and SSD Before analyzing what are the differences between these storage systems we have to establish a base: There are different characteristics and uses for which it will be more beneficial to use one or the other, that is what we are going to explain right now in this article.

Price One of the key factors when choosing which storage system to choose is the budget that we have, after all, money is the only thing that will limit our options. For the efficiency and productivity when making hard drives, they are much cheaper for what they can offer.

Capacity The second factor that determines which system to choose is how much data storage capacity our storage devices can cover. Nowadays the archives are getting bigger and bigger, at the same time that it is necessary to access the files in a faster and more efficient way.

Today we can find hard drives of up to 8 TB, a real brutality for a personal computer, even today. For now, we can find solid state drives of up to 4TB. Although it seems that hard drives earn more than this, once again we will have to look at the price of each unit. Speed and performance The speed at which accessing, moving, modifying and deleting files is essential for daily use, both from the perspective of the user and a professional.

Therefore, it is another variable to consider. Here there is not much to explain: A computer that has the operating system installed on an HDD may take much longer. With an SSD, absolutely everything will have a greater performance, so if you want to have a fast computer then you have to choose an SSD without any doubt.

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Durability How much your computer is going to move is a question that must also be asked by the user.This is the first tutorial on using OpenGL ES 2 on Android.

In this lesson, we’re going to go over the code step-by-step, and look at how to create an OpenGL ES 2 context and draw to the screen.

write apps for android tutorial pdf

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write apps for android tutorial pdf

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Top 10 Best Programming Apps for Android (Latest)