What would you do and

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What would you do and

The same basic concept like Candid Camera but very dramatic. The show keeps using that same actress, Traci, every time. I know because I would usually see her online or on television.

They always do the same scenarios in a public place like a restaurant, store, park, bar, etc. Of course, the same or different actors with overacting and manipulating differences. But the major annoying part is John Quinones himself.

In the behind-the-scenes, Quinones controls and manipulates everything for the scenes and hidden cameras. After that, John Quinones walks up to you with that damn smile on his face. His camera crew follows him and he always asks the person why he or she did or did not intervene.

He always does that annoying, nagging voice when he narrates.

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What I noticed in some episodes is that a few bystanders who would not show their face on camera they would leave quickly before Quinones could talk to them. I remember one female bystander during the dropping money experiment; she picked up the money or check and did not return it to the nearby bank.

That was when Quinones asked her a question but the lady angrily confronted him and called him a bitch. I was like, "Did she really say that to him? Another one is when I saw the e-cigarette experiment when this lady got into her car and Quinones came by to greet her but she drove away before he could speak a word.

I would be with these bystanders by giving them credit to move on or not talk to Quinones at all. Anyway, this show has always been stale since and Quinones is going to do the same scenario in a public place. He does this over and over again. Here are my two opinions and review about Quinones and the show.

My review is that I give his show a one star rating and "B" for boring.

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This show has always been stale from time to time. Was this review helpful to you?Anyway, you know as well as I do, your contributions are just like you - crap, annoying, and irrelevant.

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What would you do and

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