Understanding advertising

Glossary Ad Delivery and Reporting Ad Delivery and Reporting is separate and distinct from Interest-Based Advertising and Cross-App Advertising and means the collection of information from a device from the purpose of delivering ads or providing advertising-related services, including providing a specific advertisement based on a particular type of browser or time of day; statistical reporting in connection with the activity on a website; analytics and analysis; optimization of location of ad placement; ad performance; reach and frequency metrics e.

Understanding advertising

Some basics about understanding media advertising Media advertising takes into account advertising messages that appear on television, radio and the internet generally referred to as electronic media as well as newspapers and magazine advertising referred to as print media.

Even if they have nothing to do with advertising, people generally understand that there is a category called consumer advertising which conveys sales messages to consumers like you and me. Consumer media encompasses everything from beer to cars, shampoo to airplanes, toys to clothing.

The consumer media category generally includes television, radio, internet, newspapers, magazines and billboards or outdoor advertising. The trade media mainly consists of magazines, a handful of newspapers and the internet.

Media is also categorized by market orientation. A magazine with a broad audience appeal is referred to as a horizontal publication.

In the consumer field, USA Today or Time magazine are considered horizontal media since they appeal to a very broad audience including a wide range of ages, incomes, life styles, education, occupations, hobbies, religious beliefs and political philosophies.

Vertical market publications such as: In the trade media the same sort of broad categories also exist. However, the more discerning reader of these publications will find that Fortune is aimed at readers interested in the goings on in the large, established corporations, whereas Fast Company aims its coverage at young entrepreneurial companies.

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There is another special category of publications—association and relationship media. These include publications from groups such as AARP, Rotary, museum publications and many other types of organizations that communicate to a large, loyal and supportive member audience.

When choosing a newspaper or print media, you can use rate cards to compare ad rates based on circulation before you buy advertising space. Before placing an ad, be sure you understand the terms and conditions of advertising with the publication. Q9: A is very popular news channel and B is less popular than A. Rajat wants to publish an advertisement in A. Why do you think he wants to publish the advertisement in A? Understanding Advertising: Decoding an Ad's Appeal This exercise teaches how to read documents that depend heavily on images for their effect. It focuses on advertising in the s, an important period in the development of modern advertising.

If you watch closely you will see that the internet is evolving in a very similar, thought more fragmented, fashion. The internet also offers another dimension that goes beyond any of the above mentioned media.

If you want to reach a potential prospect in the banking field, logic dictates that you pick a banking magazine for your advertising. That makes good sense, except which of the banking magazines should you choose? There are quite a few.

Each publication, of course, puts up a strong argument for being the best buy for your advertising. Furthermore, the numbers never tell the whole story. Forget spending lots of time deciphering studies with pie charts. Yes, actually read them. Look at how they are organized.

Check out the table of contents. Read the stories for content and substance.

Understanding advertising

Are they packed with information? Or are they just light and fluffy?

Understanding Advertising

Do they cover trends in the industry?RTB is an auction for online advertising. Advertisers place bids on the opportunity to show an ad on a web page.

The "real time" part means that it happens very quickly -- in milliseconds -- .

Understanding advertising

Digital Advertising is a broad term used to describe the paid advertising that publishers put on their websites and mobile applications to enable them to provide you content and services for free. Some digital advertising is tailored to your likely interests by companies promoting their products or services.

Any disclaimers must be clear and understandable, taking into account the type of advertising, including the medium or format used and its intended audience. Before you buy a telecommunications product or service from a service provider, you must be given a summary . Understanding Advertising: Decoding an Ad's Appeal Here are two more superficially simple ads which use odd and complex appeals.

This is a Kodak camera ad from Some basics about understanding media advertising Media advertising takes into account advertising messages that appear on television, radio and the internet (generally referred to as electronic media) as well as newspapers and magazine advertising (referred to as print media).

Understanding Online Advertising All advertising seeks to target the right products to the right audience at the right time. The revenue generated from targeted advertising makes it possible for companies to provide the content and services that you utilize each time you’re on the internet.

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