The downfall of othello and the rise of iago in othello by william shakespeare

William Delaney Certified Educator This story is as old as the world. A husband catches his wife in bed with another man and he kills one of them or both.

The downfall of othello and the rise of iago in othello by william shakespeare

My opinion is more towards that of A. My reasons behind this are that Othello is descended from royal blood and was taken as a slave. Is this not an utter and complete downfall from a high status? Although it could also be argued that Othello illustrates another flaw in his character in that he regards his wife as a possession.

This demonstrates to us that Othello was not the only one that was deceived and manipulated by Iago. This is a clear example of Othello not being the only one that was manipulated by Iago, in the sense that Cassio trusted Iago to take care of him in the event of him getting drunk.

Iago abused this trust by allowing him to get into a fight. This is very similar to my own opinion of Othello in terms of Hamartia. Leavis sees Othello as a character that is full of flaws. The question of whether or not Othello truly experiences Anagnorisis remains in debate to this very day.

This shows us that Othello does at least have good intentions behind his evil deeds. This shows us that Othello has made no inclination that he has realised his mistakes or the faults within himself. Leavis says that when Othello does attempt to show some form of regret it is self dramatisation as opposed to complete and genuine remorse.

Leavis shows us how Othello has great misconceptions about what has taken place. This once again shows us that the character of Othello is completely full of contradictions.

The question of whether Catharsis takes place within the character of Othello remains in debate between A. Bradley shares the same opinion as me on the subject of Catharsis in Othello. I believe this due to the fact that I, as a reader am able to view Othello as the audience would.

So I as a reader feel that I am purged of all negative feelings towards Othello by the end of the play. He says that the only way in which the audience might feel any sympathy for Othello is because of the fact that Othello is strongly manipulated by Iago.

From this we are able to see that despite the tragedy that has occurred by this point in the play, Othello is still concerned with his own losses and his reputation, rather than the loss of his beloved wife Desdemona.

It is true that he is egotistical, overly aware of his nobility, and he is easily manipulated and jealous to the extent that he murders his wife. But it is also blatantly obvious that he is emotionally distraught about what he does.

So much to the extent that he takes his own life.

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He is a human being who suffers from faults of character as we all do. Leavis says that Othello is wrong to trust Iago, and because of this holds a lot of prejudice against him. But the fact is that we only see this fault because we witness the plot from an all seeing point of view.

The downfall of othello and the rise of iago in othello by william shakespeare

Without the knowledge that Iago is a deceitful villain, we would hold nothing against Othello. He was mislead, used and manipulated through his immense trust in Iago. But is trust not a virtue? It is through his utter and complete trust that Shakespeare creates a character so pure, poetic and articulate which is Othello.

I believe that Bradley and Leavis are both ignorant in their judgments of Othello. They both hold the same traits that Leavis associates with Othello, in the sense that there is no middle ground.Othello, Roderigo, and Bianca all fall victim to “ocular proof,” and pay a high price for the choices they make.

Iago, Emilia, Cassio, and Desdemona are driven by wanting to claim their power and independence, though their strategies range from the Machiavellian to the naïve.

The Downfall of Othello Othello, written by William Shakespeare, is the perfect example of a romantic tragedy in which events involving the themes of jealousy, greed, revenge, and appearance versus reality bring the play to its tragic end.

The play begins with an argument between Iago and Roderigo. Nov 24,  · Othello – William Shakespeare. November 24, November 19, and gets him to brag about Bianca. Unknown to him, Iago had Othello in hiding, and Othello thinks Cassio is talking about his affair with Desdemona.

This further enrages him. and is moved to jealousy and hate when he does successfully rise above “his. Discuss the Downfall of Othello William Shakespeare For Aristotle a tragedy is to be serious having dignity and a protagonist of high esteem that experiences a reversal of fortune.

This reversal of fortune must be caused by the tragic hero's hamartia, a mistake. Iago's hatred towards Othello leads him to make up an untruthful story about Desdemona sleeping with torosgazete.como was too gullible that he tolerated Iago's words to fool him.

This gullible nature of Othello is the main reason for his own downfall. Sep 30,  · In Shakespeare's Othello, the Moor of Venice, the concepts of love and friendship are explored through the manipulation of Othello by Iago. In this play, Iago is able to destroy the relationship between Othello and Desdemona, his wife, by convincing Othello that his wife has been disloyal to him and the sanctity of their marriage.

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