Software and system safety research group a white paper

Clinerion expands team and moves to new headquarters in Basel. Clinerion is moving to new offices in Basel, Switzerland. Following strong expansion in its business, the company is in the process of growing its global team.

Software and system safety research group a white paper

AD is a mission-critical application. Precise operations during every millisecond of drive time can have life-and-death consequences. But just consider the amount of information that has to be collected, shared, analyzed, and then acted upon in order for every vehicle on the road to execute the right action at precisely the right moment.

Fog computing enables the critical functions for AD vehicles to collaborate, cooperate and utilize the underlying infrastructure to coordinate their operations within smart highways and roads and smart cities.

Read the executive summary. Connected Healthcare Monitors are used in operating and emergency rooms and in many types of units, such as intensive care, cardiac care, and others.

Over the years, the healthcare industry has continued to see advances in monitoring and a wider range of applications such as monitoring infusion pumps for IV drug delivery. While monitoring technology has continued to improve, systems are still relatively siloed.

Hospital error is the third-leading cause of death each year in the U. Many deaths are due to the lack of integration between medical devices monitoring a patient. Hospitals recognize the tremendous benefits associated with sharing information between systems.

This use case examines a new approach to real-time subsurface imaging through a mesh network of fog nodes. Download the use case. The fog computing architecture gives smart building technology suppliers the flexibility to collaborate with their customers to create more targeted, outcome-based solutions.

By moving computation, networking and storage to locations within the building, it removes the constraint of operating entirely at the edge with no long-term learning abilities, or entirely in the cloud with Inadequate real-time responses.

This will help address the high volume of untapped opportunities in the market. Download the executive summary. A fog-based infrastructure is capable of collecting the wealth of sensor data distributed among brewery equipment and aging vessels.

In a fog environment, even the techniques used by experienced beer crafters can be digitally recorded and captured as data, to be repeated exactly in subsequent batches. This short executive summary focuses on fog computing in a precise manufacturing environment: Supply Chain Drone Delivery The concept of using drones—also known as flying robots and unmanned aerial vehicles UAVs —is gaining a lot of attention.

Drone fleets can reduce costs, congestion and environmental impact to a degree that no one would have imagined possible. Yet there are also challenges to deployment: Network bandwidth and availability, drone hub management, regulatory considerations and more.

This use case examines the advantages, requirements and restrictions of drone package delivery in a fog computing environment.

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Traffic Congestion Traffic congestion is such a severe and growing problem that it has the potential to paralyze major cities, choking off growth and prosperity. Some cities are taking what commuters may consider drastic and expensive measures, like expanding toll roads or restricting the number of license plates issued.

The open architecture of fog computing gives municipalities a new weapon in the fight against traffic congestion. Fog has the flexibility to leverage traffic-related big data, which enables municipalities to take measures to alleviate congestion by connecting and analyzing previously unconnected infrastructure devices, roadside sensors, and on-board vehicles devices, in order to redirect traffic based on real-time data.

Review the OpenFog Use Case — Traffic Congestion Video Surveillance Surveillance and security cameras are being deployed worldwide in record numbers in order to ensure the security and safety of materials, people, and places.

These surveillance devices are generating massive amounts of data, with a single camera generating in excess of one terabyte of data per day. Systems of surveillance devices generate data that must be analyzed in real time in order to ensure public safety.

This use case explores the use of fog computing in surveillance scenarios. Events can take place in a stadium, across multiple venues like the Olympics or outdoors. Even outdoor events vary—from a fixed track to races that start in one location and end many kilometers — even days — away.

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Throughout these areas, broadcasters use High-Definition HD cameras to live stream coverage. These cameras generate massive amounts of video data. Fog computing keeps the video processing local, eliminating latency and congestion issues and eliminating the need to provision expensive backhaul links.

With fog, processed and filtered video can be sent to the cloud for long-term storage.

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These pages highlight demonstrations and research papers from the universities who are leading the way in fog advancements.PIPEX is a key element of a variety of products for CCTV inspection. A skilled team of engineers and technicians is responsible for maintainance and development of the whole range of products and also for service and hotline.

Benefits of Safety Software for Transit Agency SMS This white paper reviews the ways in which IndustrySafe can assist transit agencies in achieving a compliant SMS. Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) Case Study.

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The ProSafe-RS is a Safety Instrumented System that is certified by the German certification organization (TÜV) to meet Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 specified in IEC Resource Library. Access the latest white papers, research webcasts, case studies and more covering a wide range of topics like Mobile, Cloud and Data Analyitcs.

Software and system safety research group a white paper

It is the efficient equipment for excellence of water with low elements of buoyancy thanks to its system of flotation by air. The FPAC flotation system is a large surface air flotation system .

Integrating Business Process Tools & Techniques In Your Quality System: Monday, November 5, Todd Snover, Advisory Services Supervisor in the Business Process and Systems Group will be presenting at the ASQ-STL Fall Conference on Thursday, November 8, .

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