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And, as icing on the cake, he has an uncanny ability to pick some of the kindest people that exist to be graduate and postdoctoral students in his lab. My senior thesis experience was fantastic, precisely because I had the opportunity to work with such incredible mentors in the lab. I approached my senior thesis knowing that I wanted to work with Professor Bernasek and his lab group, and he allowed me to pick a topic from his research page that I knew could not fail to be interesting:

Princeton thesis finder

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Princeton University Press Abstract Between inventing the concept of a universal computer in and breaking the German Enigma code during World War II, Alan Turing, the British founder of computer science and artificial intelligence, came to Princeton University to study mathematical logic.

Though less well known than his other work, Turing's Princeton PhD thesis, "Systems of Logic Based on Ordinals," which includes his notion of an oracle machine, has had a lasting influence on computer science and mathematics.

Princeton thesis finder

This book presents a facsimile of the original typescript of the thesis along with essays by Andrew Appel and Solomon Feferman that explain its still-unfolding significance. A work of philosophy as well as mathematics, Turing's thesis envisions a practical goal--a logical system to formalize mathematical proofs so they can be checked mechanically.

If every step of a theorem could be verified mechanically, the burden on intuition would be limited to the axioms. Turing's point, as Appel writes, is that "mathematical reasoning can be done, and should be done, in mechanizable formal logic.

Presented here in its original form, this fascinating thesis is one of the key documents in the history of mathematics and computer science Keywords.The complete dissertation should be presented to the principal thesis advisor one month before the advisor is required to hand a readers’ report to the graduate administrator.

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Princeton thesis finder

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