Phaedra and enlightenment

As Woolie continues, he goes into detail about the story - breaking levels of Character Derailment in the script: Matt and Pat are beyond stunned with this. Did David Cage write this?

Phaedra and enlightenment

For example, Hippolytus is one of the rare characters in literature who takes up a vow of celibacy and remains a virgin through the course of his life. His virginity is borne of his piety. But his decision to not pursue this course is due to his grounding in rationality as it is of piety and oath.

In this sense, Hippolytus can be seen as a model character whose life highlights values of the Enlightenment.

Phaedra and enlightenment

In other words, though concepts like honor and piety are not addressed directly in the Enlightenment era intellectual discourse, they can be derived and associated with reason a prime Enlightenment value.

In this context, it is fair to say that Hippolytus sacrifices his own reputation and prospects in aligning his actions with his convictions. Disch, In sum, it is fair to say that the tragedy of Phaedra could have been avoided had she applied more balance and propriety to her decisions.

In the heat of passionate feelings, her mind was muddled and in no state to let reason thrive. In this sense, the play can be seen as a testimony to the validity of Enlightenment values and corresponding individual virtues. In a way, such behavior is sub-human, for it is humans who can exercise their will and apply restraint in their actions.

Phaedra and Enlightenment values Essay Sample

By showing that she was not capable of either, Phaedra had caused her own demise and that of the innocent Hippolytus making her twice guilty. The application of Enlightenment values at crucial moments in the play would have led to a different final outcome.

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Phaedra and enlightenment

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