Personal reflection on a core business skills module education essay

Combined Majors Business students have the option to major in more than one field of study. BSBA students can earn a total of two majors either both in business or one in business and one outside of the Olin School. Students must complete the specific courses required for the second major, but they are not required to complete the general requirements for the second degree.

Personal reflection on a core business skills module education essay

Final reflection on my experiences and Knowledge from Core Module 1- Overview: I am writing this essay to show the reflection of the PGCAP reflection on my though, knowledge and experiences, also to compare this with my previous Educational Autobiography.

This essay will content introductory for the reflection theory I am going to use in my reflection. The refection theory I am going to use is Gibbs Reflection Cyclewhich in will view the six stages are Description, feeling, evaluation, analysis, conclusion ad finally my action plane for future.

Personal reflection on a core business skills module education essay

There are three examples of models of reflection, theses models are: Gibbs Reflection Cycle John supports the need for the learner to work with a supervisor throughout the experience. He recommends that the students uses a structures diary. He advises to look in on the situation, which would include focusing on yourself and paying attention to your thoughts and emotions.

He then advises to look out of the situation and write a description of the situation around your thoughts and feeling. What you are trying to achieve, why you responded in the way you did, how others were feeling, did you act in the best way, ethical concepts etc.

He also considers the use of internal factors, such as expectations from others, time factors, normal practice, anxiety of the situation etc. I am Applying reflection Cycle on my situation as follow: Diagram 1 shows the reflective cycle Gibbs 2.

I have great experiences to deliver these subjects from a business and consultant point of view. But to deliver this from a prospective of academic instituted following a Framework, it needs study. In addition to that I am aiming in the future to teach.

What will you study?

Feelings what were you thinking and feeling The delivering of the courses and workshops based on previous experiences rather than studying and methodology, therefore I was feeling I was missing the creation, innovation and up to date techniques in teaching.

Also I felt I need to learn how to assess the learners learning, I found myself as I mentioned in my previous educational autobiography, there are areas, I do need to develop skills further like: Assessment and constructive feedback Designing learning materials which can updated for different style of learners.

Know the new techniques in teaching. And I need to know more about: Teaching techniques which help me in delivering the knowledge required for the learners. Accredited and Non-Accredited provision in courses.

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Quality in teaching and learning process including quality in designing learning material, needs assessment, delivering and evaluation of the course.

Coaching and supervision students. I descended to join the course if I will be accepted. Constructivist learning has emerged as a famous approach to teaching during this past decade.

The work of Dewey, Montessori, Piaget, Bruner, and Vygotsky among others provide historical precedents for constructivist learning theory.Introduction and Methodology This Personal Development Plan (PDP) is written with reference to my recent experience of working alongside an experienced chef and with a view to achieving my long-term goal of opening my own cake production business, in the future.

21st Century Skills Early Learning Framework The 21st Century Skills Early Learning Framework and Guide offer a practical tool for practitioners and advocates to integrate 21st century skills into .

Work Experience Level 5 Learner's Record Systems 4 Skill Sets Within Your Industry / Sector 5 Work Related Issues & Needs 5 GOAL SETTING Life Essay 6 Skills Audit 7 Short Term Goals – Before You Go 11 Medium Term Goals – During Work Experience 12 Personal Attributes Inventory 13 Long Term Goals The Importance Of Interpersonal Skills Written Assignment - Interpersonal Skills Written Assignment I’ve gone to the internet in search of the interpersonal skills: listening, assertiveness, negotiation, feedback, persuasion, interviewing, and coaching.

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A reflective essay is a written piece of literature that focuses on presenting and narrating a person’s experience and how it becomes an instrument towards a change of perception in life.

It is a way for a writer to share an important event in his/her life and how it affected him/her so that others may learn something from it.

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