Onion investigatory project proposal

However, taking the investigatory project into a step by step process makes it easier.

Onion investigatory project proposal

Onion investigatory project proposal

Most science experiments performed, from elementary to high school students and all the way up to professional scientists, are investigatory projects. An investigatory project is basically any science experiment where you start with an issue or problem and conduct research or an investigation to decide what you think the outcome will be.

For those of us who have forgotten the various steps of the scientific method, let me clear that up right here: In order to conduct a great investigatory experiment, you have to ask an interesting question and be able to conduct an experiment that can hopefully answer that question.

The harder and more intriguing the initial question is, the better the resulting investigation and experiment will be. Making Soap Out of Guava Basic hygiene should be available to everyone, but what about people who live in areas without easy access to grocery stores or pharmacies?

This is a great question that makes you think about scientific alternatives to store-bought soap. Used Cooking Oil as a Substitute for Diesel We all know how lucrative the oil business is, but what if the next huge innovation in oil was sitting right inside your kitchen cabinet?

With the high prices of regular gasoline and diesel fuel, the possibility of creating a usable diesel fuel from household cooking oils is pretty exciting. Although creating diesel fuel out of cooking oils that will run a BMW may sound like a reach, it still makes for a great project.

Create Another Alternative Fuel Image via wonderhowto. Purifying Used Cooking Oil Speaking of oil, if you use it to cook, you know that a lot of it goes to waste. But what if you could clean that oil and use it over and over again?

Your project goal would be to research methods of filtration or purification and test it on cooking oils. To easily demonstrate which method works best, try cooking some food in the oil produced by each one.

Good food can go a long way when it comes to winning people over. Check out the abstract and description of a similar project here.

Onion investigatory project proposal

Since these areas do not have easy access to marine foods or grocery stores, the population becomes very susceptible to the disease due to a lack of iodine in the diet.

In order to combat this, researchers and doctors have begun infusing iodine into regular table salts. If not iodine is readily available, it can be chemically made either with sulfuric acid and alkali metal iodide or hydrochloric acid and hydroxide peroxide.

But perhaps there are other more accessible ways to create an iodized salt that people could make at home. For a starting point, take a look at this previous experiment.

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Making Biodegradable Plastic Plastic bags are actually illegal in Santa MonicaCA and soon to be Los Angeles because of their threat to the environment due to insane resistance to biodegradation.Apr 01,  · INVESTIGATORY PROJECT " MAKABUHAI AND CHILI EXTRACT: A HOUSEHOLD INSECTICIDE " Title.

CHAPTER I. INTRODUCTION: An ant lives everywhere on land, being the most numerous in insect torosgazete.com live on underground and create those earthier mounds. Some lives on trees and some on hollow parts of certain plants.

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This project also study some extracts/oil to enhance the effectiveness of the insecticide. Tests were conducted to Ramada Residence in purok 2b lumbo, Valencia city, Bukidnon. This study also uses the research instruments like Kalamansi, onion, and salt.

In working with this project, he is preesured to be the first time to be the leader of this investigatory project because he haven¶t experienced becoming a leader of an investigatory project.

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He contributed much on taping of the video and giving the instructions to his groupmates. Transcript of Investigatory Project (Research Proposal) Presented by Group 5 Investigatory Project Research Proposal A Study on the Potability and Safety of Water from the Different Drinking Fountains in St.

Scholastica's Academy of Marikina Problems. Looking for investigatory project about onion? Here you can find the latest products in different kinds of investigatory project about onion. Sample Hotel Project Proposal. Science Investigatory Proje. Fullautomatic Onion Bag Machine India. Electronic Project Box.

Results per page: 50x80cm, violet, onion bag, onion net bag, mesh. Feb 22,  · Rodriguez, Ricco N. Dizon, Ina Cheska U. Pingol, Benjamin Yuan S. Layag, Chester Neil A.

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Lintag, Angelo Luis D.R. Salazar, Roy Jonel A. Red Onions Credits: torosgazete.com

Research Proposal: The feasibility of garlic (Allium sativum L.) as pesticide