Nike versus adidas case study and competitive analysis related essays

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Nike versus adidas case study and competitive analysis related essays

This research was conducted insince this time, Adidas has comfortably moved to the second spot in this highly competitive industry.

Nike versus adidas case study and competitive analysis related essays

For Nike to successfully remain as the market leaders, it must continue to innovate and produce leading edge designs that attract the diverse markets. One important point to highlight is the market share Adidas has gained since Adidas evolved from a minor player in the industry to the second biggest company in the industry.

Strong control over its own distribution channel Strong customer base Strong financial position with minimal long term debts Innovative designs in footwear enabling consumers to design their own shoes online Brand reputation and recognition Diversity and variety in products offered on the web footwear, apparel, sporting equipment, etc.

Integrating e-business to its existing line of business is a key advantage to both companies relative to its competitors.

For Nike, to overcome the potential threats, they must continue to be innovative and explore opportunities globally. Very similar to Nike, for Adidas to overcome some of the potential threats they must continue to improve their strategic position in the industry by increasing their e-commerce reach to the global markets.

Furthermore, the information, such as demographics and preferences, collected from directly selling to the end consumers should be used to market new goods and products. Their web sites are more sophisticated and enticing to browse, both contributed to their large marketing budgets.

The capital injection into web site development is high and must be updated frequently with new promotions and added features to attract online shoppers. There are many proprietary product differences in the industry therefore brand identity has an immediate competitive advantage.

The Nike and Adidas brand is well renowned globally and plays a major role in consumer decision making. Selling footwear online is highly competitive; however, barriers to enter into this e-commerce industry are quite low.

The capital requirement for setting up an online shop is comparatively lower than setting up a traditional bricks and mortar establishment. Therefore, the online footwear industry is highly abundant with hundres of online merchants.

Switching cost is low for the consumer, and may occur frequently depending on consumer preference and other factors affecting consumer buying decision, i. Another major barrier is security. Although, Nike and Adidas have invested millions of dollars into their web site, there is an industry wide problem of securing data over the Internet medium.

Hackers may potentially lacerate into the site and could retrieve sensitive data such as consumer profiles, credit card numbers, and other corporate data. Nike experienced a hijacking of its web site.

The traffic from www. Therefore, companies like Nike and Adidas must continuously market their product and differentiate their brands against competitors, in order to increase sales and market share.

The use of online tools has helped to enhance the accessibility and intimacy among users. Brand identity plays a critical role in the buying behavior; strong identity will offer consumers trust and loyalty.

Many online buyers are price sensitive and switching cost is low for the buyer. Bargaining Power of Suppliers - Low There are many suppliers in this industry.

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Leather, rubber, and cotton are commodity items and are available abundantly in the market place. Conglomerates such as Nike and Adidas have a definite advantage and power over their suppliers. These suppliers become dependent on these firms as their means to survival.

Additionally, Nike and Adidas have standardized their input procedures pertaining to the materials used, their labor force, supplies, services, and logistics. Firms are able to switch between suppliers quickly and cheaply, due to the globalize networks of cheap labor on various continents.

Additionally, inputs are readily substituted and there are an abundant number of suppliers available.Nike vs Adidas, market and comprehensive competition analysis and case study EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Since the birth of the Internet in to its commercial adoption in the s, the World Wide Web has enabled businesses and consumers to connect with one another to exchange and share information, anywhere and anytime/5(1).

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Read Turnitin Competitive Analysis free essay and over 88, other research documents. Turnitin Competitive Analysis. Nike vs Adidas, market and comprehensive competition analysis and case study EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Since the birth of the Internet in to its commercial adoption/5(1).

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