Institute for excellence in writing used

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Institute for excellence in writing used

I will be at my parents for a couple of weeks, so I am scanning pages of some of our old curriculum. Writing was always our weakest and most neglected subject.

My mom is a math and science person, and she cannot write well. My mom, not knowing how to write, bought into the writing-made-easy approach. I hated it, and this did not last many months.

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The IEW approach to writing is basically this: This is their examples. You can see the original paragraph, and then the outline and rewritten version the students made.

After this, students are encouraged to revise and edit by adding dress-ups. This means students are required to include words such as because, who or which, adverbs the book includes an adverb sheetstrong verbs, quality adjectives, and at least one other subordinating conjunction in each paragraph.

Now this went over very poorly in my house. Mom, the math person, would read our paragraphs. It was deemed good or bad by whether or not we included certain words and had a topic sentence. Copying ideas from encyclopedias, textbooks, or the internet was totally okay — as long as we had included the magical words.

This was a disaster. Copying ideas from other people is also unethical. In fairness, copying ideas without giving credit may not have been the intent of the Institute. I assume the focus of this is to learn to do reports.

Nevertheless, nowhere did I read, nor was I told, that I had to give people credit for their ideas. Not idea-by-idea, but sentence-by-sentence, and we were not giving people credit for the idea.

This is an issue because we were not 7 okay, my sister may have been, but I was not. Fast forward to college. I should mention that my family is not the only homeschool family who believed that rewriting ideas meant that we had not plagiarized. On this Amazon reviewa homeschool parent writes: My daughter, who is now in 9th grade, told me she learned so much from this program.

It helps a student to read, interpret, recall pertinent facts, and retell without plagiarizing. I love the concept of drawing out pertinent words per sentence. I did google to see if the IEW has clarified that students still need to do a citation.

It appears as if some of the later curricula has. However, I am not the only one who has raised concern that this has not been emphasized in every book. I found this comment by a homeschool mother of older children ; she is also a college teacher.

While I appreciate the focus on the stylistic details of writing, I do wish that there was emphasis on source citation. This may be provided in other IEW curricula.

Institute for excellence in writing used

It still belongs to the original author. Since Level C is for older students, I believe it is very important to emphasize this. When they move on to college, plagiarism is a big issue.

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If they believe that changing the words makes the writing theirs, then they will be in for a hard lesson when their first writing class accuses them of plagiarizing. Since I deal with this every term, I know how important this lesson is for students. Here I have merely provided my story.

Probably the author of IEW, Andrew Pudewa, teaches parents how to strike the balance between citation and originality. The problem, as I have sought to demonstrate, is that not all parents are grasping this balance from a short training and valgue book.

This is not entirely the fought of IEW. Undoubtably, part of the problem once again is that homeschool families have been unable to admit that parents do not possess superpowers that have mastered the ability to teach every subject at the high school level.

His idea that anyone can teach a high school student to write is perhaps potentially true but not necessarily true, if the parent has not gone through the process of learning to write well herself.The Institute for Excellence in Writing Pamela White, IEW Representative [email protected], () Teaching Toward the Research Paper Basic Concepts 1.

A typical research paper is a huge, often overwhelming project with piles of note cards. 2. A problem-based instructional approach borrowed from math can pay dividends in an English class, too. Don't forget to show your work!" I said.

I think I may have cackled. "Every step in your calculations!" My students were not doing math, and I'm not a math teacher.

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They were doing a close read of. The Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW)’s “Teaching Writing with Structure and Style” provides a foundational technique from which parents can easily teach writing, as well as the other language arts skills of listening, speaking, and reading.

The institute is comprised of three one-year programs, LEAD Leadership Development for Simulation Educators and Executive Leadership in Nursing Education and Practice. The center promotes diversity and inclusivity in nursing and develops global leadership through the Institute .

This ingenious "writing method" pioneered in Canada by Dr. J.B. Webster, and refined over the years through Andrew Pudewa and the Institute for Excellence in Writing in the U.S., has produced many thousands of extraordinarily capable writers.

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