Human anatomy essay questions

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Human anatomy essay questions

This treatise shows that the heartits vessels, liverspleenkidneyshypothalamusuterus and bladder were recognized, and that the blood vessels were known to emanate from the heart. Other vessels are described, some carrying air, some mucusand two to the right ear are said to carry the "breath of life",[ clarification needed ] while two to the left ear the "breath of death".

It notes that the heart is the center of blood supply, and attached to it are vessels for every member of the body.

The Egyptians seem to have known little about the function of the kidneys and made the heart the meeting point of a number of vessels which carried all the fluids of the body — bloodtearsurine and semen.

However, they did not have a theory as to where saliva and sweat came from. He identified the optic nerves and the tubes later termed the Eustachius. One important figure during this time was Empedocles BC who viewed the blood as the innate heat which he acquired from previous folklore.

He also argued that the heart was the chief organ of both the vascular system and the pneuma this could refer to either breath or soul; it was considered to be distributed by the blood vessels. The texts show an understanding of musculoskeletal structure, and the beginnings of understanding of the function of certain organs, such as the kidneys.

The tricuspid valve of the heart and its function is documented in the treatise On the Heart. Through his work with animal dissections and evolutionary biology, Aristotle founded comparative anatomy.

Around this time, Praxagoras is credited as the first to identify the difference between arteries and veinsand the relations between organs are described more accurately than in previous works. On some occasions King Ptolemy even took part in these dissections. Most of the early dissections were done on executed criminals.

The first use of human cadavers for anatomical research occurred later in the 4th century BCE when Herophilos and Erasistratus gained permission to perform live dissections, or vivisection, on criminals in Alexandria under the auspices of the Ptolemaic dynasty.

Herophilos in particular developed a body of anatomical knowledge much more informed by the actual structure of the human body than previous works had been. Herophilos was the first physician to dissect human bodies and is considered to be the founder of Anatomy.

He reversed the longstanding notion made by Aristotle that the heart was the "seat of intelligence". He argued instead that this seat was the brain.

Human anatomy essay questions

The number of victims is said to be around prisoners. Due to a lack of readily available human specimens, discoveries through animal dissection were broadly applied to human anatomy as well. Galen served as chief physician to the gladiators in Pergamum AD Through his position with the gladiators, Galen was able to study all kinds of wounds without performing any actual human dissection.

By default, Galen was able to view much of the abdominal cavity.Human anatomy is primarily the scientific study of the morphology of the human torosgazete.comy is subdivided into gross anatomy and microscopic anatomy (histology) Gross anatomy (also called topographical anatomy, regional anatomy, or anthropotomy) is the study of anatomical structures that can be seen by the naked eye.

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