How to write a feature story for yearbook order

JUNE 4, Trying to figure out what to include in a yearbook is a lot easier when you have a starting point. Without one, you can end up flustered, frustrated, and forgetful. Consider it a ready-made starting point for you and your team.

How to write a feature story for yearbook order

Standing on a makeshift stage inside a burgundy-colored barn rented by the Republican Party of Outagamie County—two hours north of Milwaukee, just west of Green Bay—the U. Senate candidate and unlikely new object of conservative fascination has broken into a biographical speech.

But then it happens: Nicholson, a decorated combat veteran and business wunderkind with advanced degrees from Harvard and Dartmouth, begins taming the crowd, one expertly crafted anecdote at a time. The longer he goes, the quieter his audience gets.

Instagram account of University of Pennsylvania runner showed only part of story

Story Continued Below Nicholson arrived here a virtual unknown; the strapping, clean-shaven year-old, with light blue eyes and a wavy dark mane, lingered awkwardly near tables to present himself.

But as he concludes his remarks, attendees begin approaching the podium. Voight gives the candidate his phone number and tells him to call tomorrow.

how to write a feature story for yearbook order

Just like that, Nicholson has gained an influential ally. This is becoming routine.

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Most important is the support Nicholson won before entering the race: It should come as no shock that some Republicans have fallen for him: With his Hollywood looks, military pedigree, Ivy League smarts and private-sector proficiency, Nicholson could have been built in a GOP laboratory.

He is hungry and confident and committed, having oriented much of his adult life around an eventual run for public office. His published writings on pension reform read like a product of the Heritage Foundation; his voluntary second tour overseas is the stuff ad-makers fantasize about.

Kevin Nicholson in his home office in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. Darren Hauck for Politico Magazine The spell Nicholson has cast over a number of influential Republicans is a source of wonder in Wisconsin these days. He was once an aspiring politician and rising star—in the Democratic Party.

His high-profile stint as a Democrat, followed by what is better described as an evolution rather than a road-to-Damascus conversion, offers lip-licking openings for opponents to question his credibility, consistency and character.

He understands the scope of the dirt-digging—with former friends, colleagues and even roommates teaming up to take him down—and therefore seizes every occasion to talk about his past.

The goal is to inoculate his candidacy in the hopes that voters will view attacks on his college activism as old news. But his strategy is not merely a defensive one. After his passionate exchange with Nicholson following the speech, I ask Voight to explain his enthusiasm for the GOP newcomer. The cynical view is essentially that Nicholson has wanted to be president since he was a teenager and has few core convictions; that he saw the demographic winds shift during his time in D.

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Friend and foe alike testify in detail to his methodical preparation and deep-seated political aspirations, leaving no illusion that he finds himself running for federal office by happenstance.

Any date that proves inconsistent, any record that contradicts past statements, will fuel the perception of a candidate with something to hide. This is likely because he hails from a heavily Democratic family—his mother, Federal Election Commision records show, donated thousands of dollars to liberal candidates and causes in recent years—and wants to protect his parents from efforts to expose intrafamily tension.

Yet his guarded nature adds to a shadowy aura surrounding his campaign, which, paired with imminent attacks on the discrepancies in his biography, could prove debilitating. Wisconsin is one state where there is little daylight between the grass roots and establishment; outsider rhetoric can be ineffective bordering on counterproductive.

She shakes her head. During our interview, Voight comes around the corner—and Vukmir buttonholes him. They make a minute of small talk before Vukmir gets to the point: They met at the University of Minnesota, and according to mutual friends, forged a relationship owing to equal parts romance, intellectual admiration and political drive.

This arrangement caused uneasiness in College Democrat circles as Nicholson campaigned to lead the national organization. Roos was among the most prominent conservatives on campus. The couple broke up and reconciled repeatedly, in part because Roos feared Nicholson might never acknowledge the truth about himself: Reviewing the text with him by phone from Minnesota, Roos went ballistic when she heard the line and demanded Nicholson remove it.

Don't Know What to Include in a Yearbook? Start With This List

Courtesy Kevin Nicholson Today they can claim a happy ending: Nicholson ultimately turned anti-abortion, the couple got married, had three children and are now simpatico in their worldviews.

Jessie Roos is now Jessie Nicholson, herself a political pro with a communications background: She was a George W. Bush political appointee at the Department of Agriculture and previously worked for former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty as well as Republicans in the Statehouse.Trying to figure out what to include in a yearbook is a lot easier when you have a starting point.

they’re pieces of the book that fall outside the story of your school year and your readers should know that. Schools that see their yearbook as a means of strengthening their community usually have their school’s leader write a.

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As part of the stories of the year collection, this piece is being resurfaced along with others in the coming days as ESPN Digital and Print Media closes out the year. When Philly hired Sam Hinkie in May , the team became a test case for the GM's plan: dump overvalued mediocrity, lose (a lot) with cheap role players and load up on picks.

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A yearbook, also known as an annual, is a type of a book published annually to record, highlight, and commemorate the past year of a term also refers to a book of statistics or facts published annually.

A yearbook often has an overarching theme that is present throughout the entire book.

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