Flavoured milk essay

Milk, including flavored, is the number-one food source of three of the four nutrients the Dietary Guidelines for Americans say both adults and children need to consume more of — vitamin D, calcium and potassium. Research shows that children who drink flavored milk drink more milk overall, have better quality diets, do not consume more added sugar or fat and are just as likely to be at a healthy weight compared to kids who do not consume flavored milk.

Flavoured milk essay

For all of these reasons we believe the arrival of Flavoured milk essay in the chilled flavoured milk fixture will bring incremental growth by attracting new consumers to this developing category. Flavored milk is often pasteurized using ultra-high-temperature UHT treatment, which gives it a longer shelf-life than plain milk.

Pre-mixed flavored milk is sold in the refrigerated dairy case alongside other milk products. Flavored sweetened powders or syrups which are added to plain milk are also available Flavored milk is milk that has sugar, colorings and mostly inexpensive artificial flavorings added to make it more appetizing, especially to children.

It can be sold as a powder to be added to plain milk, or bought pre-mixed alongside other milk products. Flavoring can be included in a straw, and some flavored milk products are designed as dietary supplements by including additional vitamins or minerals. When adults consume flavored milk, it tends to be either chocolate milk, or homemade flavored milk with all-natural ingredients.

Bottled spiced masala milk is a popular beverage in the Indian subcontinent. Other companies provide flavored beverages in the United Kingdom, which sells packaged beverages to the mobile vendor market.

Australia has the highest consumption rate of flavored milk in the world, standing at 9. Homemade flavored milk is consumed in Latin America. Thin milkshakes Healthier versions are produced using real fruit, such as pureeing bananas, strawberries, and mangoes into the milk.

Although thicker than traditional flavored milk, they are much healthier because they require less sugar to be added. The sugar that would normally need to be added is found in the fruit.

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Flavors The most common flavor for flavored milk is chocolate, which is achieved with cocoa powder. A variant of chocolate flavored milk are candy-bar themed drinks, which claim to mimic the flavors of popular candy bars. Other common flavors for flavored milk include strawberry, banana, and vanilla.

With the exception of chocolate milk, many of these flavors are artificial. Flavored milk advocates claim that many children will avoid the nutrition found in milk unless it has been flavored, with the benefits of milk outweighed by a few teaspoons of sugar.

Flavoured milk essay

Opponents note that with rising levels of obesity and heart disease, flavored milk should be removed from schools and children should be taught to drink regular milk.

Coffee beverage imparts refreshing and stimulating effect and is extremely popular throughout the world. Almost entire consumption of coffee is in the form of beverages, with or without milk or cream, chilled or hot.

Though the consumption of coffee is increasing dayby- day in the country, no attempt has so far been made to commercialize aready-to serve coffee beverage on a large scale except limited efforts made by a few co-operative milk marketing societies in some States.

The nonavailability of the cost of manufacture of this product appears to be one of the main reasons that the food industry has not taken up its production in organized way. This profile highlights the cost of manufacture for ready to serve coffee flavoured milk drink.

As the nutritional awareness has caught on among the consumers, the demand for such drinks is increasing. It is equally liked by all irrespective of age. It could register good sale at airports, bus stops, railway stations, restaurants, hotels, picnic spots, college canteens, etc.

Hence the availability of market would not be a big challenge for such nutritional products. This comes as a particular relief to the industry, as the market reduced by 4. This decrease in value is certainly a result of the recession, as people tightened their belts and looked at cheaper alternatives to fruit juice.

Looking at volumes of fruit juices and health drinks, the market contracted inbut at a lesser rate than market value.Video: “Remove Chocolate Milk From Schools” featuring Chef Ann Cooper, Director of the School Lunch Program for the Boulder Valley School District in Colorado.

Blog article: “The Chocolate Milk Mistake” by Dina Rose, Ph.D. Muller Dairy moves into the chilled flavoured milk market 2 August Muller Dairy, the brand leader in the Chilled Yogurt and Pot Desserts category, is bringing the respected and trusted Muller brand name to the burgeoning?

99 million chilled flavoured milk drinks category with thesu mmer launch of a trio of Muller Milk lines. Flavored milk is tasty nutrition and contains the same 9 essential nutrients as white milk.

Registered dietitian Melissa Dobbins explains how flavored milk s | Chocolate Milk: 5th Grade Research-Based Argument Essay Unit. Flavoured milk uses pre-made, flavours that are prepared in factories. Manufacturers add ingredients to increase the shelf life of their products which also have a negative impact on the health of the consumer.

Muller Dairy moves into the chilled flavoured milk market 2 August Müller Dairy, the brand leader in the Chilled Yogurt and Pot Desserts category, is bringing the respected and trusted Müller brand name to the burgeoning £99 million chilled flavoured milk drinks category with the summer launch of a trio of Müller Milk lines.

According to Tanenbaum “chocolate milk is higher in sugar and calories than non-flavored milk, but some kids simply refuse to drink plain milk,” but if your child likes chocolate milk give them it because chocolate milk still has milk in it.

Flavoured milk essay

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