Evaluate the claim that person-centred therapy essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. I will explain the main theoretical constructs of self-actualisation, organismic self, conditions of worth, and self concept.

Evaluate the claim that person-centred therapy essay

In this essay I will look at the benefits and the disadvantages of person-centred therapy and consider whether it provides sufficient tools for the therapist to be effective in the treatment of the client. We will write a custom essay sample on Person centred therapy or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER Looking at the underlying theory self-actualisation, organismic self, conditions of worth etcand the originators of it, namely Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers, I shall consider its strengths and weaknesses and look at the way in which Rogers explains and responds to psychological disorders to explore to what extent his approach might be useful in their treatment.

Person-centred therapy first came into being in the s and 40s with work by Dr Carl Rogers which he based, in part, on work by Abraham Maslow.

Both were considered to be the founders of humanistic psychology which was also based on phenomenology.

Evaluate the claim that person-centred therapy essay

Each of these needs, the most basic of which is survival, has to be fulfilled. Many clients seek therapy because they are lost or stuck and they cannot see the way forward.

If a person considers themselves to be useless, inept, worthless, they will continuously seek out validation for that claim, seeking approval for their actions yet never feeling that they wholly achieve this. This self-concept of worthlessness has taken hold over the years and is internalised so that it becomes, by the time a client seeks help, something so destructive and hidden it will take a lot of patience and effective listening on the part of the counsellor to enable the client to feel safe enough to begin, and continue, self-disclosing.

Such people are not aware of their real selves anymore; they are cut off from what, in person-centred terms is known as the organismic self. They have become so dependent on approval that they behave in ways that will elicit this in detriment to what is really needed for their psychological well-being and this, in turn, can impact on their physical health.

Because the client is so terrified of not gaining positive approval and fears being rejected it can mean that the person-centred approach takes a long time to get 5th November Essay 1: What any person-centred counsellor is hoping to do is allow the client to move themselves forward, to self-actualise and determine what their most innate being, their organismic self, the being they were born into before they were conditioned by others values, is saying.

In other words teach the client to learn to listen to their inner self, their intuitive gut feeling. These three are known as the elements of unconditional positive regard, congruence and empathy.

Secondly, congruence or genuineness should allow the client to feel ok about being their real self. If the counsellor is congruent the client may learn, with time that it is 5th November Essay 1: All worthy aims, there may however be problems with all of these elements.

It is not always easy to remain non-judgemental and positive. Once a person starts to become more like more like their real self we may find we do not like them as much so it is harder to remain congruent. Also empathy is a quality that can fluctuate from one day to the next or even within one session.

A counsellor can only help a client go as far as they have been themselves; they have to be willing to change and grow and often this involves feeling and experiencing a great deal of guilt in facing up to the truth about the self.

Guilt is a complex emotion that masks all sorts of underlying emotions and it can take a lot of unravelling. Many of those writing said that it just was not possible for one person in a close relationship with another not to influence them slightly one way or another.

At the same time there was a move away from so much emphasis on looking at what the counsellor did to focussing on how the process of self concept existed in the client and thus in the 50s this led to the process being renamed client-centred therapy.

Evaluate the claim that Person-centred Therapy Essay Sample

In Rogers set out to test his theories on a new set of people. Nothing [written by Rogers] indicates any genuinely human response to the suffering he encountered in this large state hospital. Whilst the positivity, the focus on the individual self and treating everyone equally no matter what, are things which match really well in American culture they may not have the same influence elsewhere.

In Japan the Japanese psychologist Fujio Tomoda said that: This is where other approaches come into play and can extend the person-centred approach. Some therapists who have also shared my opinion have looked at ways in which it could be integrated with other therapies. The person-centred approach would disagree with this concept, particularly the power of unconscious drives and instincts, and it would be irrelevant to their method of achieving self- actualisation.

I, however, believe that it is the unconscious that can hold us back and that our relationships with our parents and siblings can have a profound effect on our lives.

Evaluate the claim that Person-centred Therapy | Essay Example

I think that if we do not realise something about ourselves, where a certain behaviour has come from and why, then we are forced to keep repeating it and it will have a significant influence on us as a person.

It is through understanding and making the unconscious conscious that we can liberate ourselves and learn to behave in ways that are more productive for us.Evaluate the claim that Person-centred Therapy offers the therapist all that he/she will need to treat clients.

In this essay I am going to look at whether person-centred therapy offers the therapist all they will need to treat a client.

Cross-Cultural Conflict and Communication Barriers - Introduction In this essay, I will be discussing ways in which cross-cultural conflict may arise, and ways to overcome these communication barriers.

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Assignment title: ‘Evaluate the claim that Person-Centred Therapy offers the therapist all that he/she will need to treat clients.’ The Person Centred approach is based upon the . These correct conditions which are required within person centred therapy in order that the client can achieve self actualisation and personality change were outlined by Carl Rogers and he believed that if this 6 conditions were met, it would facilitate change within the client: Two persons are in psychological contact- both client and counsellor are present physically and psychologically.

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Evaluate the claim that person-centred therapy essay

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