Etching paper

I was able to test out the four new papers, Legacy Fibre, Legacy Etching, Legacy Platine, and Legacy Baryta, and during my testing, all four papers proved to be very good and certainly lived up to their name.

Etching paper

Ground usually comes in the form of a wax ball which is melted onto a heated plate and then spread evenly and thinly with a roller. Placing paper over soft ground and drawing on it will create marks similar to a hard pencil.

Otherwise draw on the hot plate with the ball of hard ground - about enough to sign your initials 1 inch high is usually enough for medium size plate.

The ball should skid across the plate without dragging.

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Roll the ground until it is even and the plate looks as though it has been coated with golden syrup thicker than this and it will chip or make finer lines bite unevenly. Etching paper may well need to re- heat and re- roll the plate several times.

Use the roller in a swooping motion in one direction to pick up the ground, and backwards and forwards to load more ground on to the plate. As the ground cools it will become sticky and hard to keep even. When reheating the plate be careful to remove it just as the ground starts smoking as further heating will cause the ground to scorch and become porous to the acid.

Obviously having a ground the colour of Golden syrup an a copper plate is not going to be that easy to draw on! The ground will be a matt non reflective finish when cooled and the copper will be shiny but I would still advise smoking the plate.

This involves clamping the plate on one edge with a pair of swan necked adjustable pliers protect the surface of the plate with a small piece of folded card and holding it above your head with the grounded surface facing down.

This should be done before the plate has cooled entirely.

Etching paper

Gently smoke the ground with a burning bundle of tapers about 10 bound spirally from the bottom with masking tape so that the carbon softens the wax and is absorbed into it. Start further away from the plate and as the ground starts appearing shiny brush the tip of the flame about an inch above the visible flame across the plate in a systematic pattern.

This will take a bit of practice but the plate should cool to a uniform semi mat finish. I harden the wax at this point by running it under a cold tap. Any powdery carbon on the surface can be gently rubbed away with an orange polishing duster. The surface can now be drawn on using a variety of instruments.

I have used an old dart with a pencil screwed into the barrel and presently use a sewing needle threaded through a propelling pencil instead of leads! Hard ground is not much darker in colour than the metal.

This is called smoking the plate. The plate can now be drawn on with a needle — hard enough only to scrape off the ground without scratching into the metal.

This way mistakes can be painted out with a liquid ground.

What is an etching? - Etchings; prints made from etching on copper plate with acid

Also remember anything drawn will print as a mirror image!We have an original etching, on paper, done from his own painting, by Sir Edwin Douglas R.A.

(Scot, ), titled "Evangeline". It depicts a woman with cows and is signed in the lower left corner . Define etching. etching synonyms, etching pronunciation, etching translation, English dictionary definition of etching.

n. 1. The art of preparing etched plates, especially metal plates, from which designs and pictures are printed. There was a high dado of white wood and a green paper on which were etchings by Whistler in neat black frames.

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Glass Etching • Project Ideas • Detailed Instructions • Create Your Own Stencils Featuring: The ARMOUR ETCH Glass Etching System piece of paper) to press down on all the cut edges of your stencil making sure that all the edges are firmly adhered to the glass.

Clean off finger prints from the exposed glass with a lint. The famous Museum Etching art paper are also acid free and archival. They are popular for printing exceptionally high quality art images, and photographic, black & white and colour photography made on a heavy feel luxurious paper.

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