Different examples of power corruption in history

When the first people got together and began to move away from the hunter-gatherer lifestyle towards an agricultural life conducive to sedentary living, rules had to be drawn out. Decisions had to be made on the social structure of the group, how the food would be divided up, and who would wield political power. In the beginning, in the very first settlement, there was almost certainly - for lack of a better word — a douchebag. This borderline-sociopathic behavior is, basically, the essence of corruption.

Different examples of power corruption in history

Here are 25 things you might not have known about JFK. From a young age, John F. Kennedy battled a range of health problems, some of which appeared to be life-threatening—so much so that he received the sacramental last rites a total of four times: By Photograph in the John F.

Different examples of power corruption in history

Kennedy Presidential Library and MuseumBoston. Because of his various medical conditions, Kennedy could not pass a proper physical examination. Kennedy, to become a naval officer.

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The old man persuaded friends in the military to accept a certificate of good health, a false one, from a family doctor. Regardless of how he found his way into the navy, Kennedy certainly proved his chops as an officer once he was there.

Inhe was made commander of a PT patrol boat that came under attack near the Solomon Islands. After the boat sank, Kennedy and his crew swam approximately 3. Public Domain, JFK Library In an attempt to get help for himself and his marooned crew of fellow officers, Kennedy etched an SOS message into a coconut shell, which he gave to two natives to deliver to a nearby base in order to arrange for their rescue.

As a reminder of the incident, Kennedy had the coconut encased in wood and plastic and used it as a paperweight.

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It sat on his desk in the Oval Office. Though recent presidential candidates John Kerry and John McCain both received Purple Hearts for their service during wartime, Kennedy is the only president to boast the honor. He received it after being wounded in action on August 22, The Kennedy siblings celebrate John and Jackie's wedding.

But that best man got a little wild. He summoned Bobby and his co-conspirators, his brother Teddy and some younger cousins, and gave them a lecture about disgracing the family name.

You keep quiet and listen to me. InJackie gave birth to a stillborn daughter who they had planned to name Arabella. On August 7,she gave birth to Patrick Bouvier Kennedy more than five weeks before her due date; he died just two days later.

Inthe bodies of both children were moved from Massachusetts to Arlington National Cemeteryto be buried with their father. And Kennedy was pretty angry about the whole incident. By Abbie Rowe - John F. There was just one problem: In fact, he donated his entire presidential salary to charity, just as he did his congressional salary.


Pushinka was the daughter of Strelka, one of the first dogs in space. While the average reader is said to digest words at a rate of about to words per minute, JFK was far from the average reader.

He could reportedly read about four times faster than that, at a speed of words per minute.

5 of History's Worst Perpetrators of Corruption | Mental Floss Leadershipat its core, is all about power and influence. Leaders use their power to get things done.
September 21, iStock Constructed between the 12th and 14th centuries, Notre-Dame de Paris has centuries of French history built into its stone.
How Power Corrupts Leaders | Psychology Today Angelo, the character from Measure for Measure.
Angelo, the character from Measure for Measure. Lord Acton, the author of the quotation as you have it, was a historian, but also a political liberal in the European sense; he was English who was concerned to limit the power of central government.
Power Corrupts | Teen Ink The Rorschach test, named after creator and psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach, has been allowing people to interpret its abstract inkblot images—and for mental health professionals to draw conclusions about their personalities and possible mental disorders—since its debut in In the late 19th century there was a popular children's game called klecksography—the art of making images with inkblots.

Inhe hosted a private screening of Dr. No at the White House. When asked to name his 10 favorite books, he listed From Russia With Love at number nine.

In a documentary included in the Bond 50th anniversary Blu-ray collection, Kennedy was quoted as saying, "I wish I had had James Bond on my staff. In February ofhe asked press secretary Pierre Salinger to help him acquire a large supply of Cuban cigars—and quickly.

He took out a long paper which he immediately signed. It was the decree banning all Cuban products from the United States.

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Cuban cigars were now illegal in our country. The Miller Center at the University of Virginia has made many of the plus hours of recordings available to the public you can even listen to some of them online.When federal prosecutors filed charges against Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich earlier this week, it may have felt like just another chapter in the state's unseemly political history.

Mar 09,  · Particularly if you want "ideal"(ized) examples of "someone who started off with good intentions and then on gaining power started behaving poorly." The best example that I can imagine think of in the real world at any rate would be Lenin, but you get into complications on how you view "corruption".

Three of these examples exhibit increasing corruption: the Philippines, Tunisia and the United Kingdom. The other three exhibit diminishing corruption: Indonesia, Turkey and Hong Kong. In all six countries, the direction of the trend (upward or downward) is significant at the 99% confidence level.

Socialized power is power used to benefit others. We hope that our elected officials have this sort of power in mind and are primarily concerned with the best interests of their constituents. The other form of power is called personalized power, and it is using power for personal gain.

Importantly, these two forms of power are not mutually exclusive. The person finds out how one gains power, for example by playing the game whilst bending the rules. Initially, they may have good intent, seeking to build the company, help others succeed and so on.

The British historian Lord Acton once said, “Power tends to corrupt, absolute power corrupts absolutely.” History provides countless examples in which power spawns corruption, in the form of moral perversion or depravity.

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