Board game book report instructions

Separate students into small, heterogeneous groups no more than five per group. Write the following ideason the chalkboard: The design covers how the game board, cover, cards, and pieces will look.

Board game book report instructions

How Time4Writing Works Things to Talk About and Notice As in any successful picture book, the illustrations are at least as important as the text, so let's look carefully. They're done in gray tones with something called Conte dust and Conte pencil and, like much of Van Allsburg's work, they have a surreal quality.

He manipulates space and perspective. In the last picture, for instance, we seem to be looking down on the boys, yet we are standing at the foot of a tree. Objects and figures have a sculpted quality with some intriguing flat planes where we least expect them.

Look at the figure of the guide sitting on the dollhouse. His back has a flatness to it which isn't right somehow, especially when you notice how carefully rounded the bowling pins are. And take a look at that dollhouse.

Isn't it the dullest-looking one you've ever seen? It looks unfinished and certainly unplayed with.

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How would you make it more inviting? Actually, nothing in the house is very warm, is it?

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Look at the bedroom where the lion chases Peter. It looks like a motel room, not a room in which someone lives and sleeps. In most homes, you can tell a good deal about the people who live there, just by looking at the objects with which they surround themselves.

What can you learn about the family from the home in Jumanji? Someone, probably the father, smokes a pipe and, presumably, someone reads; at least, there are books on the shelves but they look like the kind that no one reads. Only the grandfather clock has any designed beauty. It's interesting to note the way Van Allsburg gives great texture and detail to some things while leaving other things almost blurry or flat.

Look at the back of the children in the picture with the adults. How carefully he did Judy's hair; you can see every strand in her braids and the folds in Peter's shirt get equal attention, but look at the woman's throat.

There are no lines and her pearls look flat. The flowers in the foreground are carefully sculpted and Peter and Judy's hands look very real but the man standing beside Peter has strangely flat fingers.

Not letting us see the faces of the adults is a nice touch. It's the kids who are important here. We probably wouldn't like the adults anyway.

Van Allsburg gives several hints at the beginning that they are snobs. Speaking of hints, did you get the foreshadowing on the second page?

Before we concentrate on the text, however, you'll want to look for Fritz, the English bull terrier that Van Allsburg puts in all his books. Can you find him here? As in many books dealing with fantastic adventures, there's a hint here that it may have all been a dream.

After all, the children are asleep when the adults arrive, and they don't believe the children's adventure, but what about the game that's being carried off by Daniel and Walter?

Activities Van Allsburg credits many artists with providing him with inspiration including Edward Hopper. Look at some of Hopper's paintings. Notice the way he also shows figures frozen in time with unusual perspectives.

Jumanji is an intriguing book which can lead to a slew of activities. Because the adventure will surely be different and, probably, more dangerous for Danny and Walter than it was for Peter and Judy, we can brainstorm for plot and then write the sequel. What if the game had different squares?

Board game book report instructions

For art, design a board game which, if brought to life, would be very different for the players. You'll have to call it something different, of course.

The magic word "Jumanji" will only work with that game. What will yours be?Blank Board Game Templates. Download the game board you like best, and print it onto sturdy card stock paper.

On the blank game tiles, write what happens to a player when he or she lands on it, or create cards and ask players to draw a card. Board Game Book Report Instructions. Many parents asked for it, so here it is. Board Game Book Report. For this book report you will be creating a board game that represents the book you read.

Look at different board games and decided which type you like the best. Create a fun game that gives the players information about your book. About Writing a book report. While writing a book report, you are required to put both your efforts in reading and writing.

Writing a book report will take you a . The Product Game is a fun, interactive game that exercises your skill with factors and multiples.

Board game book report instructions

This Product Game Investigation was adapted with permission and guidance from Prime Time: Factors and Multiples, Connected Mathematics Project, G.

Lappan, J. Fey, W Fitzgerald, S. Friel and E. WRITTEN BOOK REPORT A. Write the title of the book on the top line and underline it. Skip a line and write the author under the title. A. Create a board game using the characters and setting from the story you read.

B. Use buttons or other small items for the markers. A ringer board or ringer report would be a compilation of this one row for all players in your golf group.

Sample ringer board Below is a sample ringer board for a .

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