An encounter with a mad dog essay

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An encounter with a mad dog essay

The most powerful and pointed arguments generally fall to the ground, when opposed by the impenetrable shield of common prejudice. Mead, and the no less famous Dr.

I am even inclined to assert, that the hydrophobia is not generally a symptom of the disease produced by the bite of a mad dog. It rarely happens that the patient has any aversion to water or other liquid; until by experience he finds an insuperable difficulty in swallowing. Some years ago, I was sent for to a young gentleman, who, about six weeks before, had been bit in the arm by one of his father's hounds.

A few hours before his death, he stept into a tub of warm water without fear, sat down, and continued in it half an hour. I shall, in its proper place, relate his case circumstantially: I mention it at present only to prove, that the hydrophobia is improperly considered as a diagnostic symptom of this disease.

Hippocrates, most certainly, has not said a single word on the subject, whatever some of his wise commentators may have imagined.

But if the disease we are about to investigate be neither a species of rabies, nor hydrophobia, what shall we call it! As I am here writing particularly to medical readers, it is unnecessary to translate the above quotation. In the system of the celebrated Sauvages, we find Hydrophobia in the class Vesaniae, and order Morositates.

His definition of the class is, error in imaginatione, appetitu, vel juditio; of the order, cupiditates aut aversiones depravatae.

An encounter with a mad dog essay

As to the patient's refusing to drink, it proceeds not from an imaginary aversion to water, but from a real, a painful convulsion in the organs of deglutition, excited by every effort to swallow liquids.

He places them in the class Mentales, and order Pathetici, where, from what I have said above, they must appear to have no business.

In Vogel's arrangement, under the class of Febres, and order continuae, we find the Hydrophobia thus characterized, Febris cum aversatione liquidorum, singultu, convulsione, et delirio. The absurdity of making the hydrophobia a continued fever is so obvious, that it requires no comment.

Of this genus he admits two species, viz. Some accuse worms within the cranium, or under the tongue. Cheyne ascribed it to a superabundance of animal salts, and Dr.

He eats, indeed, and laps his milk or water, but with obvious indifference. In a day or two more, he refuses both meat and drink, shuns the society of other dogs, and is equally, after a short reconnoitre, avoided by them.

In the first stage of the disorder, the dog has no propensity to bite, so that he may be seized and tied up without fear. James very justly ridicules this idea of a worm under the tongue. He is also wrong in saying, it bears no resemblance to a worm. Be it what it may, it is certainly of use to the dog and its extirpation answers no salutary purpose.

Let us now trace the progress of this fatal disease in those of the human species who have the misfortune to be bit by a mad dog or cat.

I A Mad Dog Biting Myself For Sympathy Essay

The wound, on immediate inspection, discovers no signs of malignity. But if, on the second morning, we observe an inflamed circle spreading from the wound, resembling that which surrounds the puncture when inoculation for the small-pox has taken effect, there is reason to believe that part of the poisonous saliva of the enraged animal is absorbed, and the consequent symptoms may be rationally expected.

Meanwhile the patient takes the Ormskirk, or some other equally infallible medicine, is hurried away to the sea, in which he is two or three times dipped and half drowned; the wound heals, and all his apprehensions vanish.

He now recollects his misfortune. Under such apprehensions it is no wonder that he should discover symptoms of impatience, anxiety, and even of delirium. His reasoning faculties continue unimpaired; his pulse becomes irregular and quick; but there is no preternatural heat, foul tongue, nor any other febrile symptom.

He complains of a fullness and prickling in his throat, and swallows his spittle with difficulty. He continues some time longer to swallow solid food without much pain or difficulty.

At last even that is impossible. He now becomes sensible of an irresistable inclination to struggle, and wishes to be held; he breathes quick and with great difficulty, and in a few hours after dies convulsed, as if he were strangled with a cord.

Such, and such only, are the proper diagnostic symptoms of this fatal disorder: He vomits viscid bilious phlegm or poraceous bile; grows hot and feverish. To a gradual exacerbation of these symptoms are now accumulated a dry projected tongue, open foaming mouth, extreme thirst, an irresistable inclination to spit at, and bite those that are near him; cold sweats, complete rabies, and on the fourth day the patient dies.

Mead copies Boerhaave without any material alteration, except in saying that death relieves the patient in two days after the first symptom of hydrophobia. Sauvages, in his Nosologia, adds no other symptom to those above related; but from Dr. James we learn the following very curious and material proof of the salutary instinct of dogs, namely, that they fly from persons actually infected by the bite of a mad animal.Essay on An Encounter with a Mad Dog of problems that always awaited me at the office.

Breathing heavily, I reached the crest of the hill. At precisely that moment, a dog came crushing out of the bushes at my right.

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It had almond-shaped eyes on its wedged-shaped head, staring at me hungrily. An Encounter with a Mad Dog Essay Sample. Nattily attired in a blue sweat suit, I bounded along with gusto, deeply inhaling the fresh air. I treasured the brief, solitary runs. Mad Dogs, Englishmen, and the Errant Anthropologist Reflection In his book Mad Dogs, English, and the Errant Anthropologist, Raybeck discusses his.

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