A review of the sophisticated comedy blithe spirit a play by nol coward

Read on to find out what he thought of the comedy of ghosts and eccentrics

A review of the sophisticated comedy blithe spirit a play by nol coward

However despite their cynicism, the ghost of Charles's first wife Elvira is conjured up, but only he can see her, which prompts Ruth to either doubt his sanity or think he is playing a cruel trick.

A review of the sophisticated comedy blithe spirit a play by nol coward

Once she is convinced of mischievous Elvira's presence, the questions arise about why she has returned and who in the house summoned her.

Milo Twomey is a fairly unemotional Charles, but it works well and he gets across all the jaded cynicism of the author with a great deal of humour. Suranne Jones is barely recognisable as Karen McDonald from Coronation Street and gives a solid performance as Ruth although it is rather on one note and lacks a little strength and subtlety, which loses some of the humour.

A review of the sophisticated comedy blithe spirit a play by nol coward

Nelly Harker seems a little subdued as Elvira at first, but when she is allowed to break away from the choreographed movement she shows us something of the life and mischievousness of this former party girl from the Roaring Twenties.

Katie West's performance as maid Edith who does everything at a run literally doesn't quite gel with the rest of the production and becomes a little repetitive as though she was missed by the director, but she certainly gets some laughs and the audience sympathy at the end.

Steve Brown's sound design brings in the ghostly voice of Elvira early on and and a wind noise whenever she appears, but the dull tone makes it sound more like it is coming from another room than another world, and the linking music's theremin sound gives more of a s sci-fi feel than a s drawing room comedy.

Someone should remind modern directors that there is nothing inherently wrong with a blackout between scenes as it can be more effective than contrived movement in character to get people and props on and off that has nothing really to do with the story.

Running until 23 January The play’s official — and well-known — title is “Blithe Spirit.” An immediate success after its London and subsequent Broadway debuts, the work would go on to be adapted for film in and turned into the Broadway musical “High Spirits” in Variety reports that Jayne Atkinson will join the cast of the Broadway revival of Noel Coward's comedy, Blithe Spirit, to be directed by Michael Blakemore, playing at the Shubert Theatre from 26 Feb Indian-born British writer Salman Rushdie’s novel The Satanic Verses was condemned by Muslims as a blasphemous attack on the Koran and the Islamic faith.

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but her blithe spirit somehow made me forget all about doing that. severe weather. and it can mean “lightheartedly carefree” (or “torosgazete.comemy (BLAS-fə-mē) n. Mar 23,  · Blithe Spirit By Sam Jones, Guest Contributor Sam Jones went along to the University of Leicester's production of 'Blithe Spirit' by Noel Coward.

Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin Everyman Theatre will wrap up its /15 Season with the hysterical and witty comedy Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward.

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