3rd grade writing activities for spring

I love to write in the spring. Everywhere you look there seems to be some kind of inspiration for a story.

3rd grade writing activities for spring

I will share what I have done so far, but please-pretty-please share your tips and strategies below!! Math Centers If you're like me, my typical math class was set up with Teacher Time and Lesson Work, just in a whole-group setting, so making those more small-group oriented was easy and delightful!

Math Centers were what always hung me up when it came to logistics, time management, work habits, building independence with my students, and on and on and on!! So, I decided when I was going to take the plunge into Math Rotations, to over-prep Math Centers to death, because I was pretty sure that if the wheels were going to come off the bus, it would be when kids were in this center.

By the way, is there such a thing as over-prepping?

3rd grade writing activities for spring

Oh well ; The first thing I did was buy these lovely shelves from Joann's during one of their big sales with free shipping.

I love these darlings so much, the other set is for Word Work Centers. They are just delightful and keep the flow going in the class, so that was the start of keeping management issues at bay.

3rd grade writing activities for spring

My next step was to think about purposeful center activities that would do several things: Keep students engaged for minutes Require little prep-work on my end-- they had to last longer than a week, and preferably several, so variety was important, too Easy directions for my kids to understand Cover standards we just studied or ones that could always use some extra review Cute and high-interest: Here's why some of those are important-- I, like all of you, are tired and pooped by the end of each week and the idea of making new centers all of the time was just not going to happen.

In order for this whole Math Rotations idea to be successful, I needed it to be as easy on me as possible so I would be inspired to keep going. Drowning in printing, laminating, cutting, and copying specifically for these centers each week was not going to be the answer and is my quickest road to dropping the whole thing.

Click the picture to be taken to my TpT Store I also wanted to incorporate some things we already do, so using our Word Work Centers seemed like a great idea. I did want them to practice different words, however-- not that there's anything wrong with more independent spelling word practice, I just wanted to shake things up a bit for them, so I instead use 3rd Grade CCSS-Aligned Math Vocabulary Cards on a binder ring: How do I keep track of student work?

I keep this all organized in a very similar way to Word Work: At the beginning of each seasonal unit, I will put a Math Center Bingo Board on the top and staple all of the center work behind it for a "Math Centers Packet" they will use over the course of the next however many weeks you want.

It's nice to be able to offer students the choice to go back and forth between center activity and Bingo activity to keep their engagement up.

The items on the Bingo board are:Find and save ideas about 3rd grade art on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Writing activities, Spring art projects and Writing workshop.

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We are collaborating to create math activities, digital resources, and stations for your classroom! we officially have October Reading for 2nd, 3rd, AND 1st Grade!

You heard me right 1st Grade Teachers! October is finished and READY for YOU! Normally I'm posting things that are geared towards 2nd grade, but I have a special little. Spring Differenitated Literacy Centers for 2nd and 3rd Grade: This is a Spring/Easter themed pack of 10 differenitated literacy centers.

Perfect to use all season! All activities are Common Core aligned. Most activities include 2 options for. Common Core Guide for Third Grade. Meet the curriculum goals of the Common Core State Standards through creativity with Wixie. This FREE guide provides teachers with correlations and ideas for integrating Wixie activities into their curriculum.

A super sweet resource for building sight word recognition skills! This set contains all 46, Grade Two sight words, from the Dolch list, and includes 3 different spring themes: rainbows, eggs, and torosgazete.com’s perfect for keeping things interesting for your kiddos, throughout the spring season 🙂.

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